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Friday, 27 April 2012

peace be upon you dear readers,

i just got back from listening to one of the most inspiring person that i had ever met.
a priest who had revert into Islam :)

it was my second time meeting him, here in Alexandria, Egypt.

the talk was about welcoming people to Islam.

it is not specific to people who was just reverted into Islam, but also to those who are already born as Muslims.

because everyday we woke up, 
we will always becoming a new Muslims.

just like LOVE itself.
the moment you are falling in love,
everything in this world feels so wonderful,
but if we are not cherishing the love well, the feeling won't last.

and same goes to ISLAM.
we should renew it every single day.
and keep it in our heart forever 

during the talk also, i have the chance to meet different people.
a girl from Columbia named Caroline.
a doctor specialized in emergency at Miri's Hospital.
and others more.

i just learnt that, 
through different personality we had.
different races and colour we inherit.
different homeland we're from.
we can still talk, laugh, and share the sweetness of Islam among us in this bond of "Ukhwah Islamiah" :)

such a great experience i had!

thank you Sir Idris Tawfiq.
am looking forward for more of your talks and books :)

below are some of the interesting quotes that i manage to job down during the talk.
hope that it inspire you as much as i do.

1. "we're so keen to take people to Islam, but we don't learn to keep them in   Islam..." (headshot to me.. =.=)
2. "All of things that happen in our life, brings to the way we are now. So don't regret our past.."
3. "Don't blame non-muslims for not taking Islam, they just don't know about it.."
4. "if something is right for you, just do it regardless of what may the consequence be.. "
5. "Islam is perfect, but Muslims are not.. we should be proud of Islam, cause it shape us into the best of what we can be.."
6. "find happiness in your own heart, find Islam.."

till then. wasalam~

*p.s: i want to upload some of the video that i manage to record, but the internet connection was soooooo.........................pfffttt~

Friday, 20 April 2012

Esok Exam. lalalala~

Assalamualaikum :)

terasa lama dah tak update blog nie. uhuk uhuk~
berabuk bersarang dah nie..

mood nak meng'update' nie dia up sikit bila time-time nak exam nie. HAHA~

itu ja point dia yang nak bagitahu.

asal update ja pasal exam, asal ada exam ja rasa nak update blog.
macam tuh la selalunya.
dah tak boleh nak buat apa-apa dah. =.="

mission semalam adalah untuk completekan sub topic pathology.
"ya Allah, aku ada belajar ka benda nie.....gggrrr~.."
flip flip over buku, banyak yang tak bertanda, just contengan random di sisi tepi buku.
itu pun sikit, tak banyak.
tanya housemate.

saya : ehh.. page bla bla bla bla and bla kita ada belajaq ka? 
housemate : entah la.. prof cakap macam tuh saja.. dia tak explain detail pon.. 
saya : habis tuh nak baca ka tak nie? 
housemate : entah.. baca ja la kot. 
saya : T_T

fine.. baca ja lah walaupun tak faham pon buku nie explain apa benda~~
nak suruh orang terangkan, semua busy study.. pulun sehabis mungkin. yosh!
banyak benda nak cover lagi..
tuh la siapa suruh study last minute.. (blame myself)

okay tuh saja.
selamat study semua.
tengah-tengah solat dhuha tuh jangan lupa doakan saya exam esok.
dibukakan pintu rezeki, mudah jawab esok. ameen~

All the best Alexandrian. :)
Endeavor mode is on! 
lets strive!!

*p.s : bila nak ubah sikap nie wani!! astaghfirullah.
*p.s.s : patot ubah pic tuh. bukan dear fb ja, twitter, blog, allkpop, lalalalaal~

Friday, 6 April 2012


courtesy from google

lately my feelings got all mixed up.

lots and lots of things, left unaccomplished.

assignment is torturing me.

house problems always blew of my top.

small misunderstanding seems LARGER and harder to compromise with.

i'm getting mad easily.. (istighfar)

feels like keeping myself invisible for a day. T_T

not talking to anyone.

it is not only me who feels like being unnoticeable..
but most of my things also..

my student's ID is hiding somewhere..

the cloth used to clean up my glasses.. just couldn't find it..

and lots of other things that i hate to mention it myself..

it will make me feels more and more bad because losing them.. :'(

"..... arrrrggghhhhh........................................!!"

sometimes being silence is the best way to keep myself from getting more tense.
but sometimes i need someone to talk with.

i know it seems pointless..
cause talking to someone, won't make those things suddenly crawling back to find me.
it is not even hide and seek game. (well, i really hope it was..)

now i understand how the seniors used to say about being in second year of medical school..
lots of things to think.. to do.. to accomplish.. to gain.. to be.. to bla bla bla..

i know.. (nodding)
there are lots of people out there who are much more busier than i do..

like seriously!!
i need to learn how to manage my time properly..

avoid myself from sticking on to the facebook or twitter or whatever people call it..

and keeping myself from "googling" about others.. gossips.. stalker.. no no no wani..!


i guess it was just like my another chapter of ExaMeningitis Syndroms~

bye bye..

words for thought,

No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, ALLAH wont give problems without solutions, And will not test you beyond your capability. So defeat your problems with great confidence. Remember there is no hardship which afflicts a Muslim but that ALLAH expiates with it some of his sins even a thorn which pricks him, And ALLAH does not impose on any soul more than it can bear!

(courtesy : islamic inspirations)