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Thursday, 9 August 2012

#KuihRaya-1 Pineapple Tart!

Hi there again. teheee..
updating my blog twice today! (perlu ka bagitau?)

Basically i was just want to update about the process of making our pineapple tart. Yeah my mum and i has start doing our 'kuih raya'....!!

The selection of making the 'kuih raya' is based on the complexity in making it and 'goreng pisang panas' which means everyone favorite's 'kuih'. 

And that is why we came up with pineapple tart first. Because it sure need lots of work to 'gentel' the jam and sapu some telur. (rosak.... rosak bahasa =.=) 

And guess who is doing all those sticky stuff? *me*
yeah who else.. big sis still in the university, will be back a day before raya.. and my little sis is in hostel and come back every weekend but end up locking herself in  her room watching some cartoons.. bagus kan kan.. :]  *forcing myself to smile*

so here we are, pineapple tart in the making! ^^

sesi mengentel jem...

letak atas adunan untuk digulung...

siap untuk dibakar...
3 tupperware penuh, untuk 6 butter.. (itupun tak termasuk 100 biji aunty rozie punya and ada budak kecik makan senyap-senyap time orang puasa >.<)

Two weeks left :'(

Assalamualaikum bloggers!

its been a while right? haha.. since i am back in Malaysia i have plenty of time to spend with, but none of it did i spend to update this!

so lets get back on track.. ehem ehem..

okay, so today is the last 10 days of Ramadan. like WHAT!? so soon meh?
yeah.. time flew by in a blink of an eye, and that is when you will notice that it is almost time to pack your things and go back to Egypt! =.=

so how was our Ramadan checklist? is it complete yet? still working on it??

just don't stop doing good things okay..!! keep those checklist for every month, not just in Ramadan only.. if during one month of fasting we can do all those thing, i bet we can still continue on doing it during our normal daily life. (istiqamah jom!)

there is two weeks left til Eid and i know that most of us are busy for 'raya' preparation. Although the truth is, Ramadan is the one that we should be overjoyed celebrating it instead of raya itself. Well, i'm not blaming anyone.. it's good to have a celebration after a month of fasting, but we should always bare in mind to never ever neglect the holy month of Ramadan because of this. Where else can you find a month where we are having special 'ibadah' like tarawikh and plus, our ibadah would get rewarded multiple and multiple of times..!! ^^

Let start running, and grab this opportunity! who knows if we will ever meet it again?

(there is no such excuses to not go for tarawikh prayer or doing any good deeds in Ramadan just because you want to get your shopping list for 'baju raya' done, or even you are busy making 'kuih raya'.. *lame excuses* )