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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Amir Adli's Special Day


okay. errrr. i know that i am not suppose to be here right now. Just like what i wrote on my previous entry that i will not be updating until my examination is over. but hey! let exclude that from today, shall we?? haha~ (cuba mencari alasan).

i force volunteer myself to write this in the middle of study leave; which was sooo short and nearly choke me to death to finish up reading all those medical stuff.. T_T (help S.O.S)

but still i must write it no matter what may happen today! (determine).

so let the fireworks begin! *pom.pam.pom*
bwahahaha (sopan la sikit gelak tuh)

specially dedicated to my little brother, who apparently had grown up *tssk :')

We've grown slowly apart,

But you've always been in my heart.
From a distance I watched you grow,
Wondering about the man I'd get to know.
Who you could become, Who that could be I fathom.
Good choices you've made all together,
I'm so glad you didn't pay attention lil' brother.
So many things going on around you,
I'm so thankful it didn't drag you in too.

When put to the test,
You were meant to out shine the rest.
You have an important role here on earth,
It was given to you before your day of birth.
Walk with your head held high,
Don’t worry everyone will learn why.
You have the gift, please use it wise.
Not like a birthday gift, not a surprise.
It's in your heart, soul, and your mind.
Some people find it, some get left behind.
You have found it, I'm so proud.
Hold on to it, losing it is not aloud.
I know you'll be fine, this I don't worry.
Even though you have it, don't grow up in a hurry.
You’re going to be somebody, this I already know.
But there's a lot to learn, what you have will help you grow.
Keep your eyes open don't let anything pass you by.
Your great and growing greater, all you have to do is try.
I love you Amir Adli from day one.
I hope I can pass your gift to my son.
He could be just like you, I wouldn't mind.
A man like you is of a greater kind.
Off into the world you go,
You’ll be great, this everyone knows!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'budak kecik'!
will always love you~
semoga menjadi anak yang soleh :)

(kak oni tak dak kerja kan compile gambaq hang bebanyak camnie.. =.=")

that is all for now. my work here is done. shouldn't waste my time anymore. the clock is ticking, the time is running, exam is killing~
will write to you later. waalaikummussalam wbt. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Stop for a while


A very short update, or should i say... an early notification, to be precise! I will be away till i finish my semester 4 examination. Which means that i will keep back on track during summer holiday. yeahhh~

my final is one day ahead, that is tomorrow.
Exam schedule

  • 14/6/2012 : Practical Respiratory System
  • 23/6/2012 : End of Semester Respiratory System
  • 30/6/2012 : End of Semester Cardiovascular System
  • 03/7/2012 : End of Semester Epidemiology

So do pray for us won't you. My past CVS result for end of module was surely killing me enough. Thus, i don't want to get caught doing the same mistake. Let boost our spirit and break a leg! Fighting! :)

Bittaufiq wannajah, Rabbuna Musta3an insyaAllah~ ^^

courtesy from google

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lancement de' batch!

Salam Jumaah..

Today was a blast!
it was indeed a great event worth to participate in.
(despite the hotness and headache; that definitely won't kill me at all huh?)

Lancement De' Batch, a France name for so-what-we-called-it "Majlis Pelancaran Batch" (nampak GRAND gituh)

yeah, finally our batch is officially being launch! *fireworks pom pam pom*
with the name of A.C.E which is the abbreviation for 'Alexandria Caliph on Endeavour', We! the second year in Alexandria University are obligate, to give the best in our endeavour throughout our medical studies, and insyaAllah in our future career and hereafter!

it was grand enough for me, with the Marshmallow Band performance for the kick start. I was blew off by those amazing ladies with talented skills! and ohh, how i wish i could play one of those instrument, especially the piano..

and watching all the videos made by each section, including dentistry and pharmacy.. was indeed an eye opener, "how can they manage to produce such a DAEBAk video meh?" it is hard for me to blink my eyes cause i may regret not watching it even for a sec! (okay, that is way to over..)

so, the launchment ceremony started with the speech from so-many-person-that-i-hardly-couldn't-recall and by watching the VC of somekind of "beruk" which then appear into reality. Well, that 'beruk' manage to escape and attend our LDB. i guess he paid for it also huh. (beruk pon ada duit LE100 oohh..haha)

and somewhere came in two Malay warriors with a sword in their hands fighting against each other. The guy with the orange 'baju melayu' manage to kill the green guy and with the 'beruk', together they put on an awesome launchment style! way too cool!! *excited*

and while eating, we were entertained by another amazing performance; which called themself 'Rustique Band' (the name was taken from the hall Great songs with a great beatbox and a great rappers..!!  (although i can't hardly see or heard clearly, because my sit was way to far from the main performance stage. i do enjoy myself..hehe)

and not to forget to mention that the food was definitely DE-LI-CIOUS~ i was carving for more of the chicken cooked with i-don't-know-what-is-it exactly.. haha, somehow it was yummy and that is what really matter to me! *been starving since morning..*

they are also some award giving ceremony for those who excel in their exams! good for them, proud of them, and they were just being GREAT! :) *when will it be my turn.....?? wuahhh keep on dreaming lalalala*

For the last touch of the event, we are having our photoshoot session. hooray for more pictures!! there were thousands of camera flash.. and i was pretending to be like a celebrity on a red carpet.. (exaggerated stories, this is so not me =.=)

and there we go, another story of my Friday evening ended up with a widest smile that i can ever put on! though tiredness and sleepiness, i still manage to walk myself to Careffour.. haha (seriously tak ada kerja)

Alhamdulillah :)

*p.s: first time pakai pashmena. =.=