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Monday, 20 June 2011

Exam Time!!

peace be upon you~

okay.. hrmmmm.. let see.. (watching the clock, tic tok tic tok 11.59pm...with my blink2 eyes)
shift to the calendar.. and again.. hrmmmm... 
OH NO..!! 3days more..!! (dlm hati "i'm totally dead")
penat...?? FIGHT3...!! don't give up~

hahaha.. this is the truth.. what exactly happen to me during study leave..Every Single Time!!
but.. hey.. jangan cepat melatah!!.. you still have Him right..??!! All you need to do is give your very BEST.. put your heart in it.. and break a leg!!
the to just TAWAKAL to Him~

"..kemudian apabila engkau telah membulatkan tekad, maka bertawakallah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang yg bertawakal" (Ali 'Imran;3:159)

He know the best.. so just do our BEST.  don't be too panic.. take a deep breath and face it..!! cause sooner or later we will be facing the most BIGGEST examination in our life; as Allah's slave..

"Dan bahawa manusia hanya memperoleh apa yg diusahakannya, dan sesungguhnya usaha itu kelak akan diperlihatkan kepadanya, kemudian akan diberi balasan kepadanya dgn balasan yg paling sempurna, dan sesungguhnya kpd Allah kesudahan segala sesuatu" (an-Najm;53:39-42)

Last words.."STUDY WELL FRIENDS"~~~~~ salam imtihan!!

"they CAN because they think they can" -George Mallory-
P/S :: just for sharing, a good reminder for myself too.. lets help each other through this course of life as a medical student... (any course of study will do... engineering, syariah, law, etc....)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Its The Beginning~

ASSALAMUALAIKUM... (peace be upon you)

an alphabet starts with a,b,c..a number starts with 1,2, first post starts with you and me... :)

hi dear readers,
1sty, thanks for dropping by.. this is just like another ORDINARY blog.. 
i share my thoughts, dreams, and what i like here.. (ayat skema =.=)

okay, to start with.. ehem3..i would like to share what exactly going on around me this past few days.. (to tell u the truth, this post is not going to be an interesting one) *continue........*
recently i keep on forgetting tinny minny little things or even misplace it somewhere.. *sigh*

and just now i just lost 8GB memory card which belongs to one of my close friends..( kpd Si Dia saya minta maaf sgt2, i'm really reallyyyyy sorry.. mianhae)
and this whole night i was just thinking about that.. no mood to do anything at all; even the exams is just around the corner (wuaaahhhh)... i felt so guilty.. and if only i can replace all the files in that card with just buying a new one.. trust me.. i would spend every single penny to buy it... !!!! T_T

Gerhana Bulan (Allah The Greatest, subhanallah)

watching the lunar eclipse today (subhanallah), make me realize that i still have Allah S.W.T(The Greatest of all) to ask help for .. after making some du'a.. something crossed my mind... i was thinking if this lost means anything.. if it is related to something.. there's got to be hikmah behind all this.. hrmmmm....

maybe this is some kind of hidayah He gave me so that i will persistent in remembering Him.. cause humans always being forgetful, till we drown into a problem, only then we shall seek for His Merciful....
although i can't replace back the missing things, but i'm glad that God still giving me this opportunity to realize my past mistake and repent... 

make du'a & ask for forgiveness~
*p/s:: to W_._._.D minta maaf sgt2, smpai skrg x dpat cri lagi memory card tuh... (utk yg membca, amek la iktibar.. ingat!! jgn jdi camnie... apa yg kwn kita pinjamkan adlah AMANAH, jdi jga elok2...)

peace~ (^^)