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Friday, 9 November 2012

Lets write some more.. later


Alhamdulillah, i am back in Alexandria, Egypt for about a month already. And guess what! Its 'study leave' time.. haha.. 

Tomorrow we will be facing with practical exam for Endocrine System Module and the MCQ will be on 14th of November. So, best wishes to all ACErs! Bittaufiq Wannajah :)

We just got our internet connection yesterday, so that explain why i don't blog for the past 2 months. I miss blogging, I really do. But somehow, ideas won't even come out from this 'big' head of mine. (don't read  it as 'besar kepala', please)

Things are going well right now although at the first week after returning back, i got myself a really bad homesickness disease. tehee. (it has been 3 years already loor) My new house was okay, Alhamdulillah.. only left some little things to handle. Not gonna make myself being under stress with house problem again for this year. I had enough! Just be happy with what you've got. Nothing else matter. 

Yeah winter is coming.. its been raining since yesterday. The wind outside sounds just like some creppy voice of vampire(puntianak) haha. The water is cooling. Bathroom/toilet will be the place that we will try to avoid although it is the one that we will need the most. No more 'kipas', we already have a natural air conditioner. So pull out your comforter or 'saratoga' and roll in like a sushi~

And ohh, Happy Studying! :D

View from '우리 집' (our house).. its raining lalala~

*p/s : can't write more, got some books to cover up. pray for us :D