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Friday, 24 May 2013

Skype and Etc..

Hampir sebulan tak skype. Face to face talking. Susah nak cari masa sebab time zone yang berbeza 6 jam. Kelas habis after Asar, bila dekat Malaysia dah almost midnight =.= Lepas tuh cuti hari Jumaat saja, disaat orang di Malaysia tak cuti pon. Hanya sempat Viber dan Whatsapp :( Homesick bertambah-tambah. Banyak story nak cerita. jadi bila ada masa free macam petang nie, I spend almost 3 hours skyping. hewhew.

While talking to mum regarding all those stuff using Ayah's account, my little brother wrote to me this, :')

the precious last sentence T_T

3rd Year. Pre-Clinical. About to End.

55 days till Malaysia.
Less than a month for my final exams in this pre-clinical years.
About to finish my 3rd years of studies here in Alexandria. Another 3 years to go!
Praying hard for each passing days, hoping for a better life, a better me, a better grades, and passing the exams. hehe

So, life was never that easy but don't ever give up. And..
"Verily with every hardship, there is relief" (Holy Quran 94:6)

#3 Turkiye I'm In Love

Salam Alaikum.

Okay lets finish this! We shall continue on with our final days in Istanbul! and 2 days is not enough!! our tour guide said that we need at least "a week" just touring around Istanbul. The city was AMAZING!! mashaAllah :)

#Day 7 & 8 Istanbul - Egypt

so which way we're heading to?

#1 Hagia Sofia Mescid

roger and out. this is where all those humming sounds of Ahmet comes from.. lol

the marble jar, storing oils for old lamps.

going up to the 2nd floor

at each corner you can see the calligraphy of Allah, our prophet Muhammad, and the Khalifah starting from Saidina Abu Bakar, Omar, Uthman, and Ali.

#2 going into Topkapi Palace

you can see the Bhosphorus Sea from inside the garden of Topkapi.

Inside the 3rd Garden

Next #3 Heading towards The Blue Mosque

from egypt with love.

defense wall

The Bhosphorus Sea! seperating the Asian Part and the Europe Part of Turkey.

So here comes our Bhosphorus River Cruise!

Morning Fog. Freezing Cold

Next Stop Before Going Back! Shopping :) Grand Bazaar

and with this, we are leaving Turkey T_T

it is the end of our winter holiday trip :( . enjoying every single moment! 
and with this Alhamdulillah :D