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Monday, 29 April 2013

#2 Turkiye I'm In Love

Salam Alaikum.
sorry for the delayed! i was too busy.. Being in the final year of my pre-clinical studies was hectic enough. couldn't imagine how will my clinical years begin. hehe

continuation on our journey to Turkey! :)

#Day3, 20 February 2013 (Kusadasi - Pamukkale)

Good Morning world! ;)
Rise and Shine! 
 Our first day starts with a little visit to a place that said to be Mary's last house before she died.

Le House
Wishing Wall
Second stop. Asfes!
NIKE, the goddess of victory (and this is how Nike's company got its name!)

public toilet. ouch >.<
Mr.Lonely Ahmet

the biggest theater!
We spent nearly 2 hours around Asfes.. and right after lunch we went straight to Pamukkale

Subahanallah :')
Le friend.. hehe
#Day4, 21 February 2013 (Konya)

It was indeed a very long journey for us. It took nearly 6 hours. So we don't have much place to visit. After Asar Prayer, we went to Mevlana Jallaludin Rumi Mosque.
The Mescid

this is the Darwish Dance. Interesting story behind it! go google..

Caravanserai, The Ancient Hotel. (you can tell this place looks spooky enough.. bats everywhere)

we're gonna miss KONYA! ;)

#Day 5 & 6 (Cappadocia & Ankara)

2days in Cappadocia was not quite enough! this place was amazing.. there are lots of underground cities.. hidden house under the rocks. How can people from the past even think of this! *blown mind*

first thing to do! HOT AIR BALLOON~

we were fascinated!

landing time!
yeah! we made it..
2nd place. the PIGEON VALLEY.
wishing tree// the evil eyes is everywhere.
my first encountered with the snow! much delighted~

Uchisar Castle
lets have some ice cream :)
which one. vanilla + lemon or vanilla + choc

Goreme! Open Museum.

ME ;)

Imaginary Rocks. (camel?)

the mushrooms stone!

Pottery Place. turkish handmade was superb!

Apple Tea anyone?
And the underground city.. wish that i could live here.. haha >o<

Ankara Train Station. we are having our lunch here :)

sphinx in the middle of Ankara's street?
Kamal Ataturk Moseleum and Museum
shifting work

this place is HUGE. 

Bye bye.. Cappadocia, Bye bye Ankara.. we are now heading to Istanbul....!!

shall be continued.......