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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I Get Excited When it Comes to Surgey! (my first time) tehee


I am still in the hospital.. It has been 3 days already. Doctor Nahar said that i can go home by lunch time. yeah, alhamdulillah.

The operation went well although the doctor said that the chance of recurrent is almost 20%, just pray that it won't happen again. Life in the hospital as a sick person is so zzzZZZz boring. Almost 90% of your day is basically on bed. I can't move around a lot because my leg won't let me do so. hehe.

My morning start with nurses giving me an antibiotics shots through the cannula (its hurt..), getting my blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate checked, lite breakfast, and pain killer.

And 10 minutes later Dr.Kumar (the Anesthesiologist) having his ward round, to check if I have any difficulty dealing with anesthetics, well... nothing goes wrong.. i'm fine till now, i eat like a healthy person i must say.. no vomiting although i feel a little bit of nauseousness.

And later on my attending doctor Dr.Nahar (the Orthopedic Surgeon) came by to change the bandage. I got 5 stitches and its only the superficial one. There are lot more stitches deep inside. The incision is as deep through the tendon and it was just behind the Sural nerve.. Luckily enough the nerve survive from any compression by the ganglion, so no numb feet. :) alhamdulillah.

*i'm recalling back the medical notes.. Sural nerve is sensory nerve.. yeah yeah.. i know that!*

Well, this is the thing i like about being in the hospital. You can talk to the doctors more comfortably and gain new knowledge.. When i was first told about the ganglion cyst, i did a little bit of research. What the doctor said is 110% like what the Wikipedia told me! And I start thinking that maybe i should reconsider taking orthopedic as my specialist... hrmm.. (but majority of them are manipulated by men.. so hahaha) *speechless*

Well, do pray for my speedy recovery.. But from now i must limit myself from walking too much.. (how i love wandering around..)

till then.. wasalam :D

courtesy from google. this is not my feet. (aurat u olls) but the cyst look just like this.
I think this is how its looks like when the doctor perform the surgery, i was under anesthesia so i can't remember any of this! (sorry if this picture makes you feel nausea or having any undesirable symptom.. hehe)

*a little notes about ganglion cyst.. or you can google about it yourself. it's a knowledge that you might want to know, as it is one of the most common surgical procedure done by orthopedic department.*

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hari Malaysia, Balik and Hospital.

Today is Hari Malaysia.
Happy 49 years Birthday Malaysia!! Hope that we're better than before. insyaAllah.

And i will be going back to egypt in not less than a month. So today my father start questioning me "Nak beli barang apa nie?.."

Every question regarding going back to Egypt is the one that i hate the most. Felt reluctant to answer it. Like.. "Hrmmm.. beli barang nak masak la.. bla bla bla.." *stail orang malas nak cakap*

We will be heading to Tanjung Dawai after Zuhr to buy anchovy, belacan, and something related to that.

So yeah yeah.. no more lepak-lepak at home and should start focusing on my study and striving well for third year!

Oh and tomorrow i will not be at home. Would love to try living in a hospital.. tehee *ya la tuh sangat* =.=

The word 'surgery' is enough to give me this kind of tingling pain all over my body. Do pray for my speedy recovery :)

Will keep on writing. later~

*p.s : pretty much about the surgery that i will undergo. Doctor said that it takes less than an hour and it is just a minor one.. hrmmm.....*

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wedding Invitations.


I am back to write something. And sorry because i'm not intend to continue on with the 'kuih raya' post, because hey! it's already the 3rd week of Syawal right? (nampak sangat kemalasan disitu)

This year I have got so many wedding invitations from close cousins, friends, seniors and etc. Two invitations from cousins, two more from friends, four from seniors and the list goes on~

Well, it is my first time having those kind of invitations. Being 20 is when people will stop thinking that you are a little kid and start seeing you as a grown up. So that is when your aunt, your neighborhood aunt and your friend's mum will start asking you some question that you don't even yet have the answer for it.. like "Do you have someone special?".. teeheee.. *forced smile*

And i was like.. "huh?? Special who?.. " pretending that it was unclear.. Yeah, i will tend to ignore those kind of question, because i still believe that i was too immature for it. Do i look like i'm ready for this marriage thing? I myself couldn't even guarantee it.

Being 20 is not about marrying someone or what. It is when you realize that you have to do things on your own, being less burden to your parents, and start planning for your future. Well of course getting married is a part of future, but it just a part of it, not EVERYTHING. I still have lots and lots of things to achieve in life and my life shouldn't be just like any plain normal routine life. :)

I have Allah to worship, my parents to take care of (as for now, they will be taking care of me instead.. hehe), to be a good sister to my younger siblings, a great friends, a surviving medical student, a good neighbor, and etc...

See life is not just about getting married right? Make a check list to see how much we improve our relationship with them first. Do we still carry on with our responsibility?

It is true that marrying someone you love is a happy thing. It was a bless. But love itself don't give any good if we do not yet prepare ourself with the responsibility; which direction should the marriage heading to? what kind of parents we should be? how our kids future looks like? It is all you need to think and plan from now on! It is the most important thing in life before anyone of us get married. Marriage is a continuous and a climbing process, it does not stop when the 'akad' was made, it start with it.

If you ever heard the saying by Imam al-Ghazali, he once said that "The education for our children begins 20years before the birth of the child"

So, what else can we do? Start preparing and improving ourself first!